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TKSings001 10/12/2011 10:54:57 AM
I haven't tried it yet, but if recording external instruments or vocals through my computer input on other music packages - Audacity, Adobe Audition etc, I usually experience latency. Is this something I will encounter with Song Factory and if so, how can it be mitigagted without additional hardware? TK
james 10/12/2011 1:06:12 PM
Hi TK - SongFactory does a lot under the hood to try and make sure that all tracks are in sync, but as you've noticed with other products, sometimes a bit of latency can appear in any audio system.

I believe that there's a setting in SongFactory's options which allows you to adjust for latency. I'm not in my office today, but I'll have a look when I get back later and post up more info.

Hope that helps
james 10/12/2011 1:11:07 PM
Hi TK - I've done some digging (I forgot I had my laptop with me!) and if you go to the menu Song->Settings... there is an option called "Recording Adjustment" that allows you to tweak the playback sync if you have issues with latency.

If you do run into problems and this doesn't solve your problem, feel free to post back!