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Darren 8/14/2010 11:57:53 AM
Although a song writer could record melody ideas using a microphone and a looping function, I see the usefulness of SongFactory as a kind of musical sketch pad for developing ideas to a demo stage without using instruments, then recording them using a DAW and instruments. With that in mind, I would like to see some kind of melody input function that follows these rough guidelines. 1. Simple and quick note pitch and length input on its own melody track. Maybe along the lines of a simplified (optionally quantized) piano roll style ui. 2. Highlight inside, outside and alien notes to the chord. 3. Playback 'Hum' samples - male and female. Literally samples of a male and female singer humming the correct pitch. All virtual singer functions sound artificial as they struggle to recreate people singing words to pitch and this function would in that sense sound equally artificial but... a lot of song writers hum melody ideas rather than sing actual lyrics when developing song ideas. When thought about in this context, the sampled humming wouldn't sound too different or distracting.
james 8/30/2010 10:18:20 PM
Hi Darren, Thanks for your thoughts & input - I've been thinking through your suggestions.... I really want to get a melody input feature into SongFactory. As you mentioned, it would be a very useful feature for sketching out song ideas. It's the kind of feature which I've always found to be a bit klunky in other sequencers - I'd be interested if you've seen a particular implementation that you like. One of our ideas was to combine a simple piano roll with an auto generate feature which could perhaps parse a hummed or sung vocal track and guess the notes (using autotune-like algorithms). That would then be an awesomely quick way to get a tune down (and any mistakes could then be corrected manually), but the challenge would be to get the guessing algorithms working well. (Nothing worse than a feature that frustrates!) For me, a melody input function is a key feature we'll be looking to put into v2 so thanks for your thoughts. (Like the hum-back idea too)