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Darren 8/11/2010 6:19:15 PM
Great to see a small development company with a great product in my neck of the woods. I'm a Java developer and musician living in Nailsea near Bristol.

Really enjoying using the trial version. Very useful tool for getting quick ideas down and trying out basic arrangements.

One feature I would like to see implemented is inserting mixer snapshots into the mixer track. This would allow more than one mixer configuration (i.e. a mixer snapshot) to be applied to the sequence of band samples in the sample track, thus increasing the musical flexibility of the sample bands.
james 8/12/2010 9:42:35 PM
Great idea Darren and thanks for the feedback - I like the idea of tying a sample to a particular mix setup. There have been a few samples where I've thought that one of the instruments could do with dropping down a bit, but just for that sample.

We've been talking through the possibility of giving more mixing automation for the next version, so we'll put that idea into the pot and see what we can work into version 2.

Glad you're enjoying the trial & good to hear from a local musician! I've found software developers to be tough critics, so glad you're finding it useful!